• Success is not the key to happiness
    Happiness is the key to success
    If you love what you are doing
    You will be successful.

About Wright Fulfillment

Jan Wright

Having been a Certified CPA in Australia before moving to the US, accounting has always been in my blood.

In 1994 after moving to Oregon, I started my own company in a fast-growing industry and maintained my own books as well as the books of several clients once they became disenchanted with their in-house bookkeeping employees. I transitioned out of my company and focused more on the financial aspect of my clients. I work closely with clients’ accountants to ensure they have fully reconciled accounts and files on an “as needed” basis.

My clients are based around the US and to accommodate all state payroll tax issues, I manage all aspects of payroll through an independent payroll firm.

I am available to talk through cash flow strategy, and offer any level of guidance around the day-to-day accounting & bookkeeping operations.

I’m passionate about my work and my clients peace of mind.

When not crunching numbers I enjoy spending time with my family and friends or in the outdoors, gardening, walking, bike riding and road trips.